EnergyAustralia to use Airspan for smart grid communications network

Boca Raton, Fla., December 16, 2010 — EnergyAustralia, the largest energy provider in Australia, will use Airspan WiMAX as a part of their next-generation smart grid communications network.

This is part of EnergyAustralia’s smart grid roll out to transform its electricity network into a grid that is smarter, greener, more interactive and more reliable.

The communications network is essential to enable more efficient electricity supply and greater control of energy use. The Airspan smart grid solution offers advanced, secure, broadband WiMAX technology to help EnergyAustralia increase efficiency, manage costs, better control the power supply during peak periods and provide consumers real-time energy usage and cost information.

The smart grid deployment is already under way with Airspan WiMAX 4G base station equipment being deployed at 150 locations in New South Wales over the next 6 months.

The Airspan WiMAX 4G smart grid network solution supports several applications including distribution automation, smart monitoring and demand response.

Providing two-way, high-speed, broadband connectivity, Airspan enables real-time, secure communication from the energy bulk supply points all the way to the smart meter at the consumer location.

“EnergyAustralia is at the forefront of smart grid technology,” commented Henrik Smith-Petersen, President of Global Business Development for Airspan. “By integrating the Airspan smart grid solution, EnergyAustralia is leveraging 4G technology for a seamless, secure, communications network that will widely benefit the company as well as their consumers.”

Airspan provides 4G solutions operating in frequency bands ranging from 700 MHz through 5.4/8 GHz and offers licensed spectrum leases for secure, private networks in the 1.4 GHz band in the United States.

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