EnerNex wins smart grid development contract

Knoxville, Tenn., September 26, 2011 – EnerNex announced the contract award from the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology in support of the smart grid interoperability standards development and harmonization effort to enable widespread deployment of an interoperable and secure smart grid. This contract was awarded through a competitive process.

EnerNex has provided technical administration to NIST in support of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel. The SGIP is composed of smart grid stakeholder representatives; the panel will carry on the continuing, long-term task of identifying, prioritizing and addressing new and emerging requirements for smart grid interoperability and security.

Under the contract, EnerNex will provide technical resources for supporting the acceleration of smart grid standards, smart grid architectural, testing and certification, cyber security efforts, and domain expert working groups.

Using its technical expertise, EnerNex will lead and support the working groups, priority action plans, and task forces for the SGIP and its governing board, which includes: facilitating technical meetings and presentations, organizing technical events, guiding standards through the development process, and other technical activities that support the goals of the SGIP.

The EnerNex core project team includes: Electric Power Research Institute, Hypertek, National Electrical Manufacturers Association, Navarrete Consulting, Reef Energy System, Smart Grid Operations Consulting, UCA International Users Group, Xanthus Consulting, and independent consultant Malcolm Thaden.

EnerNex, established in 2003, provides engineering and consulting services, along with software solutions and customization, for the electric power industry. EnerNex focuses on providing services around the development and application of new and emerging electric power technologies to engineer a cleaner, smarter energy system of the future.

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