Enersource selects smart grid solution from Intergraph and Siemens

Huntsville, AL, Jan. 28, 2008 — Enersource Hydro Mississauga, a distributor of electricity in Ontario, Canada, has signed with Intergraph to integrate and automate the various assets and functions of its power grid. The new smart grid implementation is expected to result in greater efficiency and safety, as well as more reliable power to Enersource customers.

Enersource’s IOM solution will combine Intergraph’s utilities applications with Siemens’ Distribution System Power Flow (DSPF) application to create an integrated command-and-control environment. Intergraph will fuse its InService outage management capabilities with geospatial and other data it provides on Enersource’s infrastructure and 865,000 assets including transformers, utility poles, meters, conductors and others, as well as network devices, meters and other sensor data.

In addition, Intergraph will combine information from Enersource’s applications including its SCADA and customer information systems for use with the Siemens DSPF engine. Intergraph will then integrate all the data into a unified command-and-control environment that will provide easily-visualized, actionable intelligence manifested in the form of alarms, events, work orders and other understandable activities, allowing for quick detection and remediation of outages and other potential issues.

Enersource also utilizes an Intergraph application for plant engineering document management and for the issuance of device numbers. Through a combination of geospatial technologies, Intergraph will provide Enersource with a comprehensive set of applications for managing and acting on critical data — from plant design to distribution operations.

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