Fortum enters smart grid with BaseN platform

Helsinki, December 9, 2010 – BaseN Corp., dedicated to large scale infrastructure monitoring and management, and the leading Finnish energy company Fortum, are continuing their cooperation by developing smart grid applications.

According to the two firms’ agreement, Fortum‘s customers will get real-time metering and monitoring of their energy consumption as part of Fortum’s overall service.

“BaseN’s scalable production platform, the ability to collect and process large amounts of data in real-time, opens up interesting opportunities for us. As an industry forerunner, we want to utilize modern, next generation metering technology, and to enable our customers to monitor their energy consumption virtually in real-time, via our portal,” says Fortum’s Development Manager Vesa Koivisto.

BaseN will complement Fortum as a partner in a new joint city living project, by realizing a real-time monitoring system for electricity, water and heating energy for an energy efficient apartment block to be built in Espoo, near Helsinki.

The joint project in eco-efficient city living known as Espoo Adjutantti is part of the smart grid and energy market research program, central to which are new technology and services. Of equal importance to the program are studies into customers’ user experiences and of the overall practicality of the entire concept, which will help ensure its functionality.

“The Adjutantti project is, for us, an important part of the smart grid development project. We want also to study how BaseN’s expertise in metering technology can be used in other commercial solutions and applications,” Koivisto said.

“As well as discussing smart grids theoretically, it’s also good to realize some practical, real world projects, and our technology makes it possible for us to do this. We appreciate Fortum’s innovation, and their willingness to create tomorrow’s solutions today, so bringing new possibilities to service markets,” said BaseN’s Director Jukka Vetelasuo.

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