GE Energy Calls for Acceleration of Smart Grid Standards

Washington, DC, May 18, 2009 — Bob Gilligan, vice president of transmission and distribution for GE Energy, said a smart electricity grid will be revolutionary for the industry, adding that standards for cyber-security, interoperability and reliability should be part of its implementation.

Gilligan will participate in the Smart Grid Leadership Meeting in Washington, D.C., led by U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke. At the meeting, Gilligan and 60 other executives from utilities, technology providers, trade associations and other institutions will discuss the development of smart grid standards in the U.S.

“Standardizing technology is vital to ensure cyber-security, interoperability, reliability and safety for consumers and utilities as the nation begins implementation of a smarter electrical infrastructure,” said Gilligan. “Unambiguous standards will help speed up innovation as engineers follow a clear direction for product development and technology advances.”

Gilligan continued, “No company, government body or organization alone can bring about this standardization. We, therefore, must join together to apply our knowledge and combined experience in achieving this objective—one of the most important initiatives in the industry.”

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