Green Mountain Power starts installing Tesla home battery for customers

Green Mountain Power began customer installations of the Tesla Powerwall home battery for customers. The technology empowers customers to bring energy storage capacity to their homes.

When paired with rooftop solar, customers can generate and store their own energy, increasing reliability and the production of clean power. The Powerwall also allows the company to reduce peak demand on the system, providing cost savings to all customers.

The Tesla home battery can be paired with small-scale solar such as rooftop panels to store locally generated energy, or it can be used without solar as a battery to store power from the grid. During a storm or emergency, the battery is able to power essential parts of the home like lights, a refrigerator, and furnace for several hours.

Customers can also leverage time of use rates to charge and discharge the battery at times that will save them money. GMP is partnering with customers to maximize the Powerwall’s full potential for both the customer and the grid. GMP and customers will use the batteries during peak energy times—like hot summer days—to directly lower costs for customers by reducing transmission and capacity costs.

GMP has worked closely with customers to help make the Powerwall an affordable option. Customers can lease one for about $37.50 a month or about $1.25 a day, with no upfront cost. Customers can also choose to partner with GMP to purchase the Powerwall, and with shared access will receive a monthly bill credit of $31.76. Both options represent the value of leveraging the battery to help lower peak energy costs.

Customers are encouraged to call or go online to learn more about the Tesla Powerwall. GMP has 500 Powerwall home batteries available at this time and expects to get more to meet customer demand.

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