Grid Net, Sprint enable 4G smart grid, smart home solutions for utilities

San Francisco, September 13, 2010 — Grid Net, a provider of real-time, all-IP smart grid and smart home software platforms for any device and any broadband technology, is collaborating with Sprint to deliver a smart grid solution that leverages Grid Net’s software platforms to connect smart meters and smart grid routers via the Sprint 4G network.

Grid Net software platforms are designed to integrate substation automation, distribution automation, smart meters, demand response, and load management with electric vehicles, buildings, and homes to increase grid reliability, energy efficiency, renewable energy use and customer satisfaction while reducing capital and operating costs.

Sprint will explore embeded WiMAX connectivity into smart meters and smart grid routers with Grid Net. WiMAX, a secure, open IEEE standard, provides a low-cost yet robust and safe solution to wirelessly connect smart meters to the smart grid.

The combined solution delivers outstanding security, powerful capabilities and compelling economics for utilities and their customers today. Also, WiMAX standards allow utilities to assign different class of services and set priorities in critical infrastructure applications assuring the quality of service for critical infrastructure.

“This collaboration with Grid Net underscores our commitment to developing the smart grid,” said Wayne Ward, vice president of the Emerging Solutions Group, Sprint. “Sprint offers cost effective and flexible IP network solutions for utilities and application developers in support of advanced meter reading, as well as the scalability of 4G network bandwidth and QoS capabilities, to meet today’s utilities needs and tomorrow’s demands.”

Grid Net provides an integrated suite of policy-based software products. The cornerstone of this suite is the PolicyNet SmartGrid Network Management System (NMS) that provides an intelligent, reliable, real-time, all-IP, cost-effective, secure, policy based network management system software platform, operated within the utility’s network operations center, that provides complete lifecycle management services for millions of smart grid devices.

In conjunction with the PolicyNet SmartGrid NMS, the Smart Network Operating System and PolicyNet SmartAgent firmware, which runs embedded on smart meter devices, provides secure, policy-based intelligence, monitoring, reporting, and control for real-time, advanced smart grid management.

The SmartNOS firmware has the ability to run single or multiple PolicyNet SmartAgents for the localized operation and enforcement of distribution automation, smart metering, demand response, home area management, electric vehicle management, distributed generation management, and energy storage management functions on any smart grid device on the network. All Grid Net products have been certified for the Sprint 4G network and are immediately available in the U.S. market.

Sprint’s 4G network has been serving customers since 2008 and is available today to customers in more than 50 markets in cities like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Seattle.

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