Infotility launches smart grid demonstration project

Boulder, Colo., October 30, 2009 – Infotility, Inc., provider of distributed intelligent agent software that enables utilities and communities to increase the efficiency and utilization of electric grid assets such as solar and wind power, has launched the field-test phase of a smart grid demonstration project, funded by the US Department of Energy, in conjunction with The Marin County Office of Sustainability.

The project will kick off later today with a ribbon cutting ceremony in San Rafael, California. Senator Barbara Boxer, D-California and Eric Lightner, Director of DOE’s Smart Grid Task Force, as well as Marin County officials, are expected to participate.

The project is a 3-year DOE-funded Smart Grid demonstration of Infotility’s Renewables Integration software, Smart Community Energy Manager software and Smart Facility Energy Manager software. In the field-test phase, these software applications will coordinate and optimize large-scale renewable resources on the electric grid, interfacing with five municipal buildings on the Marin County Civic Center

The demonstration will be implemented in four stages. Each stage will use progressively expanding software capabilities and technologies, based on availability of new technologies, and feedback from the Marin community.

The ultimate objective is to enable utilities and communities to manage distributed renewable energy supplies such as solar and wind as conventional grid assets, as a foundation and reliable part of their energy portfolio.

The DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability’s Smart Grid Research and Development Program fund the current project in conjunction with the Pacific Northwest National laboratory. It will initially demonstrate integration of renewable energy supplies with automated demand response platforms.

Through this phase, a strong precedent for regional-scale implementation of an integrated, interoperable and secure Smart Grid capability will be developed.

This initial project, one of the first DOE-sponsored Smart Grid demonstration projects to enter a field-test phase, will itself serve as a test-bed for development of both software and renewable technologies that future community-based Smart Grid projects will use.

Marin County’s Marin Energy Authority (MEA) has submitted a $90 million funding request to DOE to support a regional demonstration including Infotility’s software across over 1,000 commercial buildings and over 5,000 homes in three Marin communities.

The MEA seeks to create a sustainable and renewable energy community, working in concert with the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). The ability to manage renewable energy portfolios and community energy consumption – based on key data such as locational marginal real-time pricing signals and market availability of renewable energy—is seen as an essential gateway to enabling the full potential of the smart grid.

Infotility Inc., a software company founded in 2000, is the leading provider of distributed intelligent agent software that enables utilities and communities to dramatically increase the efficiency and utilization of grid assets.

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