ISGRIC picks companies for smart grid acceleration platform

Chicago, January 28, 2011 — The Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation Cluster announced the selection of 10 companies to participate in its multi-tiered innovation acceleration platform.

ISGRIC is an advanced collaborative ecosystem that seeks to attract and support smart grid innovators in order to enhance market opportunities, accelerate business and product development, create jobs and advance development of a smarter grid. 

ISGRIC partner organizations include the U.S. Small Business Administration, Illinois Institute of Technology, Clean Energy Trust, the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition and O-H Community Partners.

The following smart grid companies will receive business, technical and commercialization assistance through ISGRIC:

* Adica, LLC — A global energy software and consulting company that provides advanced analytics for evaluating the impact of smart grid technology.

* Agentis Inc. — Develops and delivers an energy engagement platform to electricity consumers to help them take control of their consumption.

* Artelys Corp — Develops optimization and accompanying services for the U.S. power industry.

* Potential Difference Illinois, Inc. — Developing and manufacturing rapid battery charging stations for both industrial electric vehicles and passenger vehicles.

* Power2Switch LLC — Connects small businesses to Retail Electric Suppliers (RES) for the purpose of reducing their electricity costs while helping them monitor and manage their energy usage through a web portal.

* Intelligent Generation, LLC — Develops software and networking technologies to manage distributed generation and storage of renewable energy.

* Intelligent Power Partners — Develops microgrid master controller software for coordinating energy systems.

* Intelligent Power Solutions — Develops advanced intelligent home automation software agents and applications.

* Sun Phocus Technologies — Developing a transparent solar concentrating film for building integrated photovoltaic windows.

* TransLumen Technologies, LLC — Creates proprietary and patented visualization technology and tools.

 Companies will have the opportunity to utilize space at Illinois Institute of Technology’s University Technology Park, receive business development support though IIT’s Stuart School of Business, technical support through IIT’s Center for Electricity Innovation and commercialization support through project partners Clean Energy Trust and O-H Community Partners. 

ISGRIC helps advance development of a smarter grid, a critical first step in being able to manage, store and exchange power, by pooling the Chicago regions extensive brainpower and experience to foster technology and smart grid innovation.

ISGRIC fashions smart grid into an economic development tool that can be used to create new jobs and opportunity for Illinois-based institutions and companies.

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