Kansas City Power and Light, Siemens pair on smart grid project

San Diego, February 2, 2011 — Kansas City Power and Light has selected Siemens to implement smart grid technology innovations to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of a comprehensive smart grid solution.

The project includes the Siemens Smart-Substation controller, which enables intelligent substations, and the Siemens Spectrum Power Distribution Management System (DMS), which facilitates operations information management and security.

The KCP&L smart grid demonstration is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act‘s Smart Grid Demonstration Project program. It will apply the latest advances in energy technology focused around intelligent substations to help monitor and manage energy delivery, integrate renewable energy sources and enable consumers to actively manage their energy usage.

The project covers the Green Impact Zone (GIZ) of the Missouri initiative and surrounding neighborhoods. The GIZ is designed to reinvigorate an urban area of Kansas City, Missouri.

This demonstration project encompasses the pertinent aspects of a smart grid. It includes four major components: distribution network management, distribution network automation, distributed energy resource and demand response management.

It will use an advanced two-way metering infrastructure, meter data management, demonstration of time-of-use pricing and customer end-use tools.

In addition, hybrid electric vehicle charging, utility-scale battery storage and roof-top solar technology will provide the basis for enabling and managing renewable and sustainable energy resources within the project area.

The project represents a substantial step forward in establishing interoperable end-to-end smart grid solutions based on existing and proposed National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards.

The project includes the Siemens Smart-SubstationT controller that provides an intelligent substation information technology platform to enable real-time substation and feeder automation, Volt/VAr control and demand management.

The controller will integrate a variety of feeder devices from multiple vendors using the international substation standard IEC 61850 to provide improved data availability, increased flexibility and interoperability.

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