Landis Gyr enhances security for Gridstream RF smart grid network

Atlanta, February 1, 2011 — Landis+Gyr announced the availability of its enhanced security solution for the Gridstream RF network that supports comprehensive network encryption and hardware solutions.

Through Landis+Gyr’s partnerships with security vendors RSA and SafeNet, the Gridstream RF security solution has the capability to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and authenticity of data transmission and communication at a systemic level.

The Gridstream RF solution provides NSA Suite B approved non-proprietary cryptographic algorithms and proven RSA key management appliances for key storage, generation and scalable encryption/decryption processing capabilities.

Additionally, the FIPS 140-2 validated SafeNet Hardware Security Module allows Landis+Gyr customers to securely store cryptographic keys used to digitally sign downstream messages and commands in order to provide a strong root of trust among the head-end system and the RF devices in the network.

Using non-proprietary cryptography from state of the art security experts ensures that GridStream will meet evolving security, risk and compliance challenges.

In addition, Landis+Gyr is ensuring its security solution meets and exceeds the emerging security framework being developed by the NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Panel and Cyber Security Working Group, as well as the Open SG Security Working Group.

Landis+Gyr partnered with our customers to develop security mitigations that allow utilities to meet their operational goals securely. This release builds upon a solution that is designed to manage systemic risk.

The security controls that Landis+Gyr customers have deployed include people and process controls such as role-based access control. These include system level encryption and message authentication mechanisms. Landis+Gyr customers also utilize physical mitigations and field tool protection mechanisms.

The Gridstream security solution is already being deployed and is currently available to Gridstream RF customers with Command Center 5.0 system operating software.

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