Lebanon picks Itron for smart metering pilot

Itron Inc. is pilot testing its smart metering solution in Lebanon. àƒâ€°lectricitàƒ© du Liban (EDL), the state electricity utility, and KVA, its distribution service provider (DSP) in the Beirut and Bekaa areas, are leveraging Itron’s smart technology and expertise to more efficiently manage energy resources.

The solution is an important part of the Lebanese Energy Ministry’s efforts to test smart meters to elevate the quality and performance of Lebanon’s distribution network, improve revenue collection, and reduce technical and nontechnical losses in the network.

Efficient energy management is critical in Lebanon as the country’s energy needs outweigh its production capacity. In addition, energy technical and non-technical losses leads to millions of dollars in lost energy each year. Leveraging Itron’s smart metering solution, EDL can easily detect non-technical losses as well as enable remote management, load disconnection and reduced operating costs.

In July 2013, KVA, the distribution service provider, began implementing Itron’s managed solution, including smart meters, data gateway leveraging PLC communications and data collection and services, as part of a pilot project in Beirut and Bekaa valley regions. KVA is one of three entities working with EDL to install smart metering pilot projects before they roll out mass deployment across the country. Once complete, the pilot projects will lead to an installation of more than 1.2 million meters in Lebanon.

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