Mexico’s state utility picks Freewave for smart grid project

Boulder, Colo., December 15, 2011 — FreeWave Technologies was chosen by Comision Federal de Electricidad for wireless data radio applications such as power consumption and substation monitoring, as well as control and monitoring of power networks.

CFE is the only electric power utility company in Mexico. It generates, transmits and distributes power and energy to nearly 100 million customers and is one of the largest utility organizations in the world with about 100,000 employees around the country. It currently is using FreeWave‘s FGR2-PE, FGR115-RC and HTPlus wireless data radios in nine of the 16 divisions throughout Mexico.

FreeWave radios are used for SCADA applications to monitor and control switchgears, reclosers and power meters. Some of the networks are installed in heavily populated cities, such as Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara, where the RF noise and line of sight can potentially cause major issues with wireless communications.

However, with FreeWave’s network design and flexibility, the radios achieve optimal communication, even with skyscrapers, tree coverage and high RF noise levels. With CFE being the only energy provider of power for the entire country, FreeWave radios also were relied upon for data transmission in a wide range of geographical areas, spanning from the big cities to remote locations in the mountains and desert.

The FGR2-PE offers users a second, switched Ethernet port as well as two serial ports that give customers the ability to transition from serial to Ethernet data communication without having to replace their wireless communication hardware down the road, as well as operate both serial and Ethernet communication independently and simultaneously on the same platform.

The FreeWave HTPlus Ethernet radio is ideal for customers who need an industrial grade high-speed Ethernet radio that operates in harsh environments and noisy RF conditions. It delivers data at a rate of up to 867 Kbps and is an ideal radio for SCADA backhaul networks.


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