MicroPlanet smart grid technology deployed by U.S. Coast Guard

Seattle, August 11, 2009 – MicroPlanet, a smart grid/energy conservation company, announced the deployment of the company’s smart grid technology for the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard has placed an order to install MicroPlanet voltage management systems as a cost effective way to save energy, improve power quality and reduce greenhouse emissions for their facilities in Hawaii.

Bruce Lisanti, President and CEO of MicroPlanet said, “The USCG commitment to energy conservation and sustainability practices represents a large scale commercial opportunity for MicroPlanet’s Smart Grid technology. We look forward to working with them to deploy our voltage management systems on USCG facilities throughout the USA over the next few years to help them meet their energy conservation objectives.”

“The US Coast Guard’s deployment follows the recent decision by US Marines Corps base in Hawaii to deploy MicroPlanet’s smart grid technology,” said Lisanti. “The Company continues to extend its reach in agencies like Homeland Security and the Department of Defense (DOD) where the commitment to energy efficiency is a high priority.”

MicroPlanet’s Smart Grid technology improves power quality at the point of delivery and dynamically raises or lowers and balances incoming voltage to optimal and constant desired set point as well as substantially reduce electricity usage.

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