Microsoft, Google call off two customer-oriented devices

July 1, 2011 — Microsoft is discontinuing the customer energy management-based Hohm service effective May 31, 2012. The feedback from customers about the online tool was positive but the product was a victim of “slow overall market adoption of the service,” according to the Microsoft announcement on their blog.

Microsoft isn’t exiting the market entirely, however. They noted that the company would focus on items “more capable of supporting long-standing growth within this evolving market.”

The blog continues, “Microsoft Hohm has helped demonstrate the critical role of information in helping people and organizations improve how energy is generated, distributed and ultimately consumed. Microsoft will continue to focus on developing products, solutions and partnership that span a wide spectrum of industries, such as power generation, distribution grids, buildings and transportations systems.”

Microsoft listed energy-smart city solutions, their smart energy reference architecture and a climate organization as examples of how they are still making a footprint in this arena.

About a week before the Microsoft announcement, Google declared the death of its PowerMeter energy management product on its blog as well.

“Since our launch, there’s been more attention given to this notion of people easily accessing their energy data,” the blog states. But, apparently, it’s not enough attention to save the PowerMeter product.

The blog continues, “We’re pleased that PowerMeter has helped demonstrate the importance of this access and created something of a model. However, our efforts have not scaled as quickly as we would like, so we are retiring the service.”

PowerMeter users will be able to use the product until September 16, 2011. Both Microsoft Hohm and Google’s PowerMeter are approximately two years old.

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