New digital cellular modem equipped interval data recorder for load profiling and wireless AMR

DALLAS, Sept. 18, 2003 — TransData, a manufacturer of energy metering systems and wireless data telemetry products, has announced the introduction of an internal CDMA Digital Cellular Modem for its SSR-6000 Solid-State Demand Recorder and Pulse Totalizer. The TransData SSR- 6000 is a multi-purpose eight-channel interval data recorder used for revenue metering applications to collect, profile and totalize pulse output data emitted from electricity, gas or water meters.

With its new CDMA modem, the SSR-6000 provides utilities an immediate and economical public network based wireless AMR solution to automate load profile recorder and meter billing data retrieval from existing meter sites not equipped for remote communications. Additionally, it provides a secure gateway for the end-use customers and third-party energy management companies to indirectly access metering data without compromising security of the revenue meter installation.

“TransData first pioneered CDMA digital cellular technology for wireless electric meter reading applications and presently supports more than 40 utilities in successful AMR deployments across North America,” said Trace Gleibs, President of TransData, Inc. “The 1X tri-mode CDMA modem used in the SSR-6000 is a further extension of this innovative technology that expands TransData’s wireless product portfolio in the utility marketplace.”

CDMA (code division multiple access) digital cellular is the new frontier for wireless voice and data communications serving more than 160 million subscribers worldwide. With existing coverage extending to more than 90% of all commercial and industrial accounts, CDMA networks provide a secure, real- time two-way wireless gateway to remotely retrieve billing data from revenue metering installations.

The SSR-6000 offers utilities many key advantages over legacy demand recorders. The CDMA modem significantly reduces installation time and cost while also reducing data telemetry costs. CDMA data rates are up to 80% less expensive when compared to commercial telephone line rates. The SSR-6000 features our field proven, maintenance free 20-year Li-RAM memory technology that eliminates battery maintenance and lost data due to battery failures and uses multi-layer password protection that meets new standards.

About TransData

TransData is a technology-based company specializing in the design and manufacture of advanced energy metering systems and wireless automatic meter reading (AMR) technologies used for measuring and managing energy consumption by electric utilities and industry. Founded in 1969, TransData is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. TransData serves over 2000 customers in more than 25 countries worldwide, including the majority of the top 100 largest U.S. electric utilities.

For more information, contact TransData’s sales department at (972) 418-7717, email at or visit their website at TransData is a registered trademark of TransData, Inc.

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