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Vacuum Switches

Built on the Ultra Series solid dielectric vacuum switch platform, Trinetics UltraVac single-phase capacitor switches provide maximum dielectric strength in a compact design. UltraVac switches are designed for long-life, even in the toughest of conditions, are quick and easy to install, and are available with both reliable motor operators, or with high-speed dual solenoid operators. All with ANSI certified performance.

Switch Series

N-TRON Corp. expanded its unmanaged line of switches with the introduction of four new models—the 110FX2, 111FX3, 112FX4 and 114FX6. The new switches, part of the company’s compact 100 series, are tough network devices designed for full-wire speed communications in industrial data acquisition, control and Ethernet I/O applications. Each model offers a combination of copper and fiber ports. The new additions to the 100 Series utilize advanced IEEE 802.3 Fast Ethernet 10/100BaseTX switching technology to ensure reliable high-speed network communications by eliminating virtually all data collisions and increasing determinism. N-TRON switches auto-negotiate the speed and flow of data and will store up to 8,000 MAC addresses in memory.

Distribution Switching Package

G&W Electric Co. has shipped its 7000th automated switching device including intelligent relays and communication for part of another smart grid project. G&W has been manufacturing switches and reclosers for overhead, padmount and vault applications since the early 1900s. With the increasing industry focus on service reliability and smart grid solutions, the company has been delivering a family of smart switchgear that use intelligent relays and controls from numerous manufacturers using established industry standard communication protocols to best match the customer application requirements. Known as Lazer Distribution Automation solutions, G&W now offers pre-engineered packages addressing common applications such as automatic transfer, automatic power restoration and loop reconfiguration.
G&W Electric



PLC Solutions

Having just installed a new management team with a vision that is directed towards fueling the green tech movement, Semitech Semiconductor, a provider of power line communications solutions that enable the transformation of the electricity grid into a smart grid, is preparing to broaden its market scope with new products, distribution and partnerships. For 10 years, the technology behind the company that is now Semitech has been quietly conquering communications challenges and being developed into a line of innovative semiconductors. In particular, the chips are specifically designed to operate in noisy power line environments. Through a proprietary and flexible technology design, Semitech chips are able to reliably operate in this challenging environment and successfully interoperate with previously installed equipment.
Semitech Semiconductor


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