Oncor Smart Texas center to exhibit at CS Week in Nashville

Dallas, May 21, 2010 — Oncor’s Smart Texas Mobile Experience Center, a 1,000-square-foot mobile “smart house” designed to educate Oncor customers about smart meter technology, will travel to Nashville, Tenn., next week to exhibit at CS Week, a national utility conference, May 25-28.

“CS Week is an opportunity to introduce the rest of the nation and other utilities to the advances Texas is making in smart grid technologies, including smart meters. At the conference, utility executives and managers from across the United States will have a chance to see and experience the Mobile Experience Center and learn about Oncor’s Smart Texas initiative,” Oncor Senior Vice President of Asset Management and Engineering Jim Greer said.

“The Texas Legislature and the Public Utility Commission of Texas decided before Oncor’s Smart Texas meter initiative began in 2008 that educating customers about smart meter technology would be an integral part of any smart meter installations. So far, more than 50,000 Texans in hundreds of Oncor communities have seen the Mobile Experience Center. Their reaction has been overwhelmingly positive,” Greer said.

By 2012, Oncor will install more than 3 million smart meters across Oncor’s service area, which represents about one-third of the state geographically.

The CS Week conference should attract up to 1,500 attendees and exhibitors. In early May following extensive flooding in Nashville, CS Week organizers successfully transferred the conference from The Opryland Hotel to the Nashville Convention Center and surrounding hotels. The MEC will be the largest of the 105 exhibits at the conference.

To date, Oncor has installed more than 900,000 smart meters in its Texas service area. Smart meters read energy use in 15-minute intervals and report energy usage information back to Oncor wirelessly.

Smart meters also support Home Area Networks inside homes and businesses that communicate with in-home energy monitors or other home energy management devices.

For the first time in Texas, customers with smart meters have access to information about daily and weekly energy usage, total costs, carbon footprint impact and costs per kilowatt hour through in-home energy monitors or online through a statewide portal.

In-home energy monitors, smart appliances, a home energy management system, and an operating smart meter and Home Area Network are all part of the MEC demonstration.

Oncor is a regulated electricity distribution and transmission business that uses asset management skills to provide reliable electricity delivery to consumers. Oncor operates a distribution and transmission system in Texas, delivering power to more than 3 million homes and businesses and operating about 117,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines in Texas.


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