PG&E installs 9 millionth smart meter

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San Francisco, May 16, 2012 — Pacific Gas and Electric Co. achieved a milestone, having recently upgraded more than 9 million meters to smart meter technology.

With 93 percent of the smart meter installations complete across Northern and Central California, most of PG&E’s customers have access to the energy- and cost-saving benefits of smart meters — ranging from faster detection and restoration of power outages to easy-to-use tools that can lower energy bills.

With the new meters connected to the smart grid, customers have access to a wide range of energy- and cost-saving tools, including energy analysis, usage notifications and voluntary rate programs. Action on the customer’s part isn’t necessary to derive value from smart meter technology.

PG&E can quickly confirm that a customer has power by pinging the smart meter, allowing PG&E to detect and restore outages faster. During the 2011-2012 storm season, PG&E began using this capability to better serve customers.

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