PJM Interconnection goes live with advanced grid management system

Atlanta, December 14, 2011 — PJM Interconnection has put into production an advanced energy management system, the PJM Advanced Control Center program, based on the Siemens/PJM Shared Architecture integration platform. PJM uses the system to manage North America’s largest transmission grid.

This program includes the Siemens Spectrum Power energy management system running at two different sites, with each site fully functional and capable of running the grid either independently or as a single virtual control center. A Web-enabled user interface framework provides situational awareness, with capabilities for advanced visualization of data from either site.

PJM is the only grid operator in North America, and one of the few worldwide, to have dual primary control centers. The AC2 program, through the implementation of two fully staffed primary control centers, better ensures reliability and the uninterrupted operation of markets and grid control if functionality were lost at either center.

The AC2 systems are built on top of the Siemens/PJM Shared Architecture platform. The Shared Architecture is a standards-based, secure integration platform for technologically diverse EMS, market management and distribution management systems.

This open, modern architecture, built on an enterprise services bus, enables the rapid integration of traditional utility applications and emerging smart grid applications, providing flexibility and choices for utilities that had previously been inhibited by their legacy control center application providers.

Siemens and PJM will be seeking other interested industry participants to further advance modern integration smart grid platforms and contribute to the development of integration standards for smart grid architectures.

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