Power Tagging, Lockheed Martin to cooperate on smart grid offerings

Boulder, Colo., September 14, 2010 — Power Tagging, a provider of next generation smart grid communication technologies announced the signing of a cooperative agreement with Lockheed Martin to develop enhanced distribution management and smart grid command and control systems.

The cooperation agreement between Power Tagging and Lockheed Martin provides opportunities to expand the ability to deliver intelligence to the grid in a proven, cost-effective and readily deployable manner, thereby driving solutions in a variety of applications for utility providers and their customers including real-time grid mapping, fault resolution, electric vehicle integration and grid cyber security.

“Power Tagging’s unique communications technology strategically fits with Lockheed Martin’s SEEsuite Smart Grid Command and Control portfolio of applications,” said Jim Kohlhaas, vice president of Energy Initiatives for Lockheed Martin. “Our combined technologies will add significant value to our utility and government customers providing them with significant energy savings and increased efficiency of electric distribution, operations and delivery.”

“We are encouraged to be working with Lockheed Martin. Smart grid companies must develop reliable products with a strong ecosystem of providers,” said John LoPorto, Power Tagging’s President and CEO. “Utility providers can view the strategic agreement as a valuable relationship and vote of confidence in our joint solutions.”

Power Tagging’s expertise in green-tech, grid cyber security, energy conservation has been recognized with grant support from the National Science Foundation and partnerships with leading Utility providers, electric vehicle providers and major chip manufacturers.

Power Tagging is the leader in next generation smart grid communications for the 21st century. Power Tagging’s rapidly growing team is focused on delivering excellent solutions that fundamentally transform what is expected from the power grid.

Power Tagging leverages its patent-pending technology for digitally “tagging” electric power and attached devices to drive solutions in grid mapping, fault isolation, electric vehicle integration, demand side management and grid cyber security. Backed by a leading utility and the National Science Foundation, Power Tagging solutions are ready for immediate adoption and maximal impact.

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