Fiberglass Equipment Mounts


Geotek’s Pupi Equipment Mounts are designed to mount cutouts, arrestors and cable terminations on utility poles. Four new fiberglass equipment mount designs feature the same, proven fiberglass in Pupi crossarms, including SunGuard 60-year UV-resistant coating and TorqueGuard bushings for maximum durability. Pupi’s TorqueGuard bushings reinforce holes for added strength during hardware installation. The mounting brackets are aluminum alloy. Pole mounts are aluminum alloy or galvanized steel, depending on model. Fiberglass resists insects and woodpeckers and does not rot. Pupi fiberglass is nonconductive, never rusts and never needs re-coating. Pupi fiberglass products are maintenance-free with a service life estimated to be twice that of wood in nearly all conditions.


Cloud-Based OpenADR Products Test System

QualityLogic Inc.’s Cloud-Based Test System for OpenADR Virtual End Nodes (VENs) or clients will provide users with access to a cloud server implementation of a certified Virtual Top Node (VTN). The system uses an OpenADR Alliance certified open source VTN released by EPRI to serve as a reference for testing VENs as a platform for running small-scale pilots or as a learning tool to increase understanding of the OpenADR technology. A beta version of the EPRI VTN is available for download at no charge from Source Forge. QualityLogic has deployed the certified open source code in Amazon’s EC2 Cloud system with added benefits to subscribers. Each subscriber is provided with a unique VTN server implementation and can start using the VTN for interoperability tests without the need to download, install and configure a version in a lab. QualityLogic has added an administrative interface and is making technical support and training available for users of the Cloud-Based Test System for VENs.

QualityLogic Inc.

Customer Service, Training Center

Ametek Solidstate Controls

Ametek Solidstate Controls has launched its new Western Service Center and Customer Training Facility in Carlsbad, California. Similar to an existing service and training center near Houston, the new facility offers hands-on training for customers of Solidstate Controls’ industrial UPS, battery chargers, inverters and all of its power products. The center is outfitted with 60-inch smart white boards. The facility also houses a service center and parts depot, providing improved coverage of the company’s installed equipment base in the western U.S. and western Canada. The center also plans to host leading battery expert Marco Migliaro and his renowned industrial battery training symposiums. A list of scheduled courses for both facilities may be found at the Solidstate Controls website.

Ametek Solidstate Controls

Cloud-based Design Integration


Bentley Systems Inc.’s ProjectWise Essentials is a cloud-based, instant-on design integration environment that provides immediate access to advantages of ProjectWise, a design collaboration and work sharing solution. Geographically dispersed teams managing projects small to mega can leverage industry standards and best practices required to speed secure information sharing and the exchange and delivery of project drawings, models, documentation and complex reference files-in support of applications commonly used in AEC projects, including Revit and AutoCAD Civil 3D. This increases productivity, mitigates project risk, lowers costs and improves project performance. Teams can interact with project information in views that directly relate to their specific tasks without needing the authoring applications. These views include a spatial view for map-based navigation, a Web view for online browser access, a permissions view for access control management, a dependency view for understanding and managing complex file relationships, and a component view to search across 2-D and 3-D content.


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