PSO chooses Intwine to deploy smart energy Wi-Fi standards

Cleveland, Ohio, December 12, 2011 — Intwine Energy Networks has been chosen by Public Service Co. of Oklahoma, an operating unit of American Electric Power, to deploy a residential energy management service based upon the National Institute of Standards and Technology approved Smart Energy Profile 2.0 and Wi-Fi standards.

The project will measure the impact of variable pricing on homeowner usage of energy under time of use and critical peak pricing options. Direct load control also will be a component of the project.

Intwine will outfit each home with a network made up of a Home Energy Manager, an Android tablet, and Wi-Fi connected energy control devices including a programmable communicating thermostat, multiple smart outlets and a pool pump or water heater controller.

The Intwine Home Energy Manager simultaneously connects to and communicates with PSO‘s advanced meters and to IntwineHome, Intwine’s cloud based homeowner energy management solution.

The seamless interaction between SEP 2.0 and IntwineHome offers PSO customers real time access to their advanced meter data, as well as the freedom to monitor and control their energy usage from any web enabled device while PSO can manage demand side services with the confidence of using NIST approved industry standards.

Intwine’s current SEP 2.0 solution is based upon the approved .7 version and will be upgraded over the air when SEP 2.0 specifications are ratified.

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