Schneider Electric rolls out Internet of Things based brand strategy

Energy management and automation group Schneider Electric, announced its new “Life Is On” brand strategy.

Life Is On is fueled by Schneider Electric’s Operational Intelligence approach to IoT. The approach will transform how people and organizations consume energy, better automate industrial processes, and increase the quality of business decisions, while improving their lives.

The Life Is On brand strategy will help show how the company is helping its customers around the world take advantage of this fundamental shift, leveraging Schneider Electric’s expertise in the operational technology (OT) that controls our society’s most important processes and connecting it to the information technology (IT) that we rely on to simplify our lives and make better decisions.

This approach, which Schneider Electric refers to as building Operational Intelligence, relies on optimized automation and control, advanced remote management, predictive maintenance, enabling managed services, advanced analytics and generation of actionable information to drive informed decision-making in our homes, manufacturing facilities, data centers, buildings and cities.

To further support this vision for IoT-powered Operational Intelligence, Schneider Electric is announcing that the company has been elected to the steering committee of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

Through this appointment, Schneider Electric will take a more central role alongside thought leaders from AT&T, Cisco, General Electric, IBM and Intel in developing recommendations for industry specifications and developing frameworks to speed the adoption of industrial IoT technologies around the world.

The IoT-enabled market is set to grow to $10 trillion annually by 2025, according to McKinsey, through IoT’s ability to enable higher levels of collaboration, change the way goods are produced and influence the way we work.

In addition, Schneider Electric also announced it has entered into a collaboration with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (HKUST-MIT) Research Alliance Consortium to advance IoT solutions and adoption.


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