Silver Spring Networks platform lets utilities deliver smart grid value

Washington, D.C., October 19, 2010 — Silver Spring Networks announced the availability of two new software applications that provide better management of energy demand to improve the value of smart grid investments.

The software offerings, UtilityIQ Demand Response Manager 1.0 and CustomerIQ Web Portal 1.5, work in conjunction with Silver Spring‘s IP v6-based Smart Energy Platform to enable utilities to interactively engage customers and manage demand.

This new, integrated approach to demand-side management, in which demand response software communicates with in-home devices over the two-way smart grid network, in real time, enables utilities and their customers to realize new benefits, including easier deployment of tailored demand response programs and more meaningful information about energy consumption and costs.

UtilityIQ Demand Response Manager 1.0 allows utilities to reduce energy procurement costs and potentially defer construction of new generation capacity by providing improved load shed predictability and real-time load management.

The software breaks new ground by leveraging Silver Spring’s two-way networking platform with in-home devices to provide real-time data on device status and load-shed potential and real time measurable results.

Silver Spring offers this software together with certified in-home devices, project management, program planning and recruitment and installation services for a complete, end-to-end demand response solution for utility clients.

CustomerIQ Web Portal 1.5 enables utilities to directly engage customers to reduce support costs and deliver energy efficiency improvements in meeting overall demand reduction goals.

The completely redesigned user interface of CustomerIQ 1.5 transforms the customer’s experience by delivering tangible and substantial value from their smart meters through deep insights into their energy usage and costs.

UtilityIQ Demand Response Manager and CustomerIQ have been designed to work directly with Silver Spring’s advanced metering infrastructure and software which strengthens the capabilities of each solution.


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