Silver Spring Networks to assist Indianapolis Power and Light with smart grid rollout

Indianapolis, August 30, 2010 — Silver Spring Networks entered into an agreement with Indianapolis Power and Light Co. to build IPL’s smart grid platform for deployment in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Region.

The deployment, to begin later this year, is part of IPL‘s Smart Energy Project to promote energy efficiency, improve reliability and deploy advanced metering.

IPL is funding the project, in part, through a $20 million Smart Grid Investment Grant awarded by the Department of Energy through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

“By investing in the smart grid today, we are making a commitment to improving grid reliability, enhancing energy efficiency and providing consumers with an opportunity to better manage their energy use,” said Ann Murtlow, President and CEO of IPL. “Through the deployment of this system, IPL plans to build an enhanced energy system that will benefit our customers and community.”

“IPL’s commitment to improving the grid and empowering consumers is helping to transform our relationship with energy,” said Scott Lang, Chairman, President and CEO of Silver Spring Networks. “We are proud to work with IPL to roll out our Smart Energy Platform to provide technology that enables these important applications and is expected to bring the value of the smart grid to Indianapolis.”

Silver Spring’s unified infrastructure delivers the ability to run multiple applications over a secure IP-based network. Silver Spring will support IPL through a large-scale distribution automation system enabling much faster outage detection and notification, improving fault location and isolation and increasing energy efficiency.

Silver Spring will also deploy advanced metering for IPL’s large commercial and industrial customers and a portion of its residential customers.

IPL, a unit of AES, provides retail electric service to more than 470,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Indianapolis, as well as portions of other Central Indiana communities surrounding Marion County.



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