Smart Grid Coalition Commends California regulatory action on privacy, data access

Washington, D.C., July 29, 2011 The Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition hailed the issuance of a ruling by the California Public Utilities Commission as a step in addressing some of the key issues being debated in the development of the smart grid.

“There are questions being asked about consumer privacy relative to the smart grid and the new technologies and information that it will put in place,” said Dan Delurey, President of the DRSG. “With yesterday’s ruling, the CPUC shows that policymakers are aware of these issues and addressing them.”

According to the DRSG, the ruling is also important in that it addresses customer access and data provision. One of the ways that the smart grid will be “put into action” is by providing customers with better information about their electricity usage, such that they can use it to shift and reduce their usage in ways that better optimize the electricity system. 

“From the standpoint of the electricity customer, this is a big step forward for consumer empowerment,” said Delurey. “The technology has not been available in the area of electricity to create and provide the kind of information that consumers get in all other areas of their lives. Research has shown that consumers can save from 5 to 15 percent on their electricity use simply by acting on the feedback they receive.” 

The DRSG is the trade association for companies that provide products and services in the areas of demand response and smart grid. DRSG works to educate and provide information to policymakers, utilities, the media, the financial community and stakeholders on how demand response and smart grid technologies can help modernize our electricity system and provide customers with new information and options for managing their electricity use.


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