BPL Global, Ltd., a smart grid technology company dedicated to leading the transformation of energy and information delivery, has entered into a partnership with BPLC Latin America. BPLC is a telecommunications company that provides voice, television, video-on-demand and data over IP protocol using the existing electrical infrastructure to transmit the services. Through this partnership, BPLC Latin America will distribute BPL Global’s smart grid technology in Latin America, which will further accelerate BPL Global’s business in this region.

Right now, BPLC Latin America has numerous BPL projects under way, including with Cundinamarca that will target 250,000 households. Three other projects with leading Latin American utilities in Boyaca, Huila and Meta are bringing communications connectivity to people in Colombia and BPLC’s expansion plans are expected to bring the same for Ecuador, Panama and Central America very soon. BPLC Latin America recognizes the advantage of adding smart grid technology to all these projects to solve the mission-critical challenges of our customers, electric utilities.

We are delighted to secure BPL Global’s smart grid solutions as they are worldwide leaders in the field. We have been asked by all of our customers to evaluate and select a smart grid solutions provider and have chosen BPL Global, said Ivan Mc Allister, president of BPLC Latin America.
This partnership is an example of BPL Global’s strategy to work closely with innovative regional partners to accelerate adoption of our smart grid technologies worldwide.

We are delighted to work with BPLC Latin America, one of the most promising providers of BPL services in Latin America, to accelerate business development in the region. We partner with the most promising distributors worldwide as we remain committed to acting regionally to provide utilities with the best possible service, said Andres Wydler, executive vice president, Corporate Strategy and Development, BPL Global.

Through the use of smart grid technologies, utilities are able to reduce theft, a major regional challenge, and manage the power grid more effectively. The latter is especially critical during hot days when the power grid is overstressed by very high demand, which can cause blackouts. BPL Global’s software
enables utilities to reduce commercial losses, efficiently manage demand, integrate distributed energy resources, improve service reliability and optimize cost and capital productivity.

BPLC Latin America has a clear goal of increasing the connectivity in these countries in close cooperation with local governments to provide internet access and communications services to their people. At the same time, smart grid solutions from BPL Global increase the efficiency and reliability of energy delivery, helping electric utilities address the challenges of higher demand and rising capital and operating costs, said Geraldo Guimaraes, president of BPL Global for Latin America.

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