Smart Grid, Transmission, Power Equipment will be Focused on at IEEE PES April Event

The 2010 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition will once
again bring together the world’s leading power system equipment manufacturers and
technical professionals in the power and energy industry to display their products,
explore new technology, and enhance existing technologies in their quest to provide
attendees with “Smart Solutions for a Changing World.”

Major Technology Areas
The conference is set to bring focus in the major technology areas of the new power
and energy environment, including:

*The smart grid with communications and cyber security developments.
**Integration of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, along with other
distributed generation sources into the power system.
***Programs to reduce emissions, promote more energy efficient energy use and
improve environmental quality without disrupting current energy supplies.
*Energy storage systems for wind integration and power system peak shaving.
**Improvements in transmission system reliability to prevent blackouts and voltage
collapse, including the application of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)
transmission, flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS), and power electronic
devices, as well as transmission line design for improved lightning performance.
***Improvements in distribution system reliability through enhanced design and
operation, including sophisticated data mining techniques, changes in protection
philosophy, improved construction techniques, and the application of advanced
*Outage Management Systems and real time outage reporting.
**Improvements in power quality through enhanced distribution system and end-
user electrical system design and operation, including the application of low
voltage surge protective devices, voltage sag mitigation devices, line-interactive
Electrical Power Management Technologies, as well as strategies, emerging tools,
and techniques to prevent electrical pollution from entering the power system.
***The emerging application of gas insulated substation (GIS), gas insulated
transmission line (GIL) and mixed technology switchgear (MTS).
Power system equipment manufacturers are poised to display their latest “state-of- the-
art” equipment for construction, installation, operation, protection, and maintenance of
the power system of the future. Among the products to be displayed are monitoring and
testing equipment, system protection, including breakers and relays, communication and
control, SCADA, EMS, distribution automation, demand-side management, AM/FM,
GIS, GPS, customer information systems, meters, and metering devices,
telecommunication systems, computer hardware and software systems, substation
equipment, transmission system equipment and engineering services, overhead
distribution equipment and services, underground distribution equipment and services,
mechanical construction and maintenance and fleet management, station, auxiliary
equipment, training systems and services, transformers, outdoor lighting, tools, rope and
safety equipment, wire and cable, switchgear, consulting and contracting services.

Build Valuable Relationships
There is little doubt that the landscape of today’s electric utility is being altered and the
traditional and operating procedures are continually in review. Many companies realize
that they can no longer continue with business as usual.

More cost-effective methods of operation are being deployed every day.  New tools are
increasing work management, productivity and safety, Updated equipment and
management techniques are providing more efficient means of power delivery. And
utility managers, engineers and operating professionals must learn about every changing
aspect of their industry.

The 2010 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition in New
Orleans is designed and organized to provide today’s power-delivery professional with
the information and detail necessary to manage technology and business solutions better
in the years ahead. It has been created to provide attendees, with an event that
concentrates on the world of transmission and distribution and all of its elements—a
focused, yet thoroughly comprehensive event that will draw the highest attendance
professionals from around the world.

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