SmartSynch introduces 3G communications platform

Jackson, Miss., February 2, 2011 — SmartSynch, Inc. announced the availability of its communications platform for smart meters that supports 3G wireless technology.

The communication platform based on Qualcomm‘s 3G technology will enable SmartSynch to offer the world’s first integrated, over-the-air application portfolio for the smart grid.

The system is designed to save utilities time and money by giving them greater flexibility and control over the applications they deploy in the field while also enabling them to use the same platform to remotely download new smart grid applications as they become available.

This communications platform represents the first time that Qualcomm’s Brew MP, optimized for the smart grid and M2M space, will be used for wide-scale, full-system smart grid deployments. SmartSynch is using this existing IP-based framework used worldwide to standardize its smart meter platform.

With the Brew MP SDK open development environment, developers and designers can easily create new smart grid applications in a secure environment.

These applications will allow the fulfillment of smart grid objectives, including pre-paid metering, advanced demand response, virtual peak power plant, electric vehicle charging, renewables monitoring, home energy management, lighting control, voltage conservation, premise load management, distributed generation control and consumer-focused smart grid applications.

“This solution will allow utilities to create the smart grid we have all been envisioning and make it so much faster and easier. Utilities will now be able to offer an ever-expanding portfolio of new applications to their customers with a touch of a button,” said Stephen Johnston, chief executive officer of SmartSynch. “It will fast-forward smart grid deployments by utilities because they will be able to easily custom-tailor smart grid applications on a per customer basis. This also demonstrates the value for utilities to adopt high-speed, cellular-based solutions for smart grid deployments, as there is no other economically feasible way to strategically deploy applications remotely on this scale.”

Johnston said through their integrated, 3G-based platform, SmartSynch has taken its vision for the smart grid to the next level by enabling approved applications to be remotely distributed by utilities through this 3G-based communications platform in a secure environment. Additionally, SmartSynch looks forward to working with the ecosystem of application designers utilizing the Brew MP platform to create exciting new applications for the smart grid.

“The real-time, high-speed applications enabled by Qualcomm’s 3G technology are critical for utilities to meet the expanding requirements of the smart grid,” said Jack Steenstra, vice president of engineering at Qualcomm. “We are committed to enabling smart grid solution providers like SmartSynch to benefit from the coverage, scalability, security and reliability provided by cellular networks and platforms such as Qualcomm’s Brew MP.”

Johnston said SmartSynch will make this smart grid technology available to every meter manufacturer and enterprise software provider.

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