SmartSynch, Verizon introduce residential smart grid solution

Jackson, Miss., October 7, 2010 — SmartSynch, Inc., a smart grid technology company utilizing standard IP communications via cellular networks, and Verizon introduced a code division multiple access smart grid solution to the residential utility market.

By combining wireless 3G data network with SmartSynch‘s smart grid solutions already deployed by more than 130 utility customers, Verizon and SmartSynch can relieve utilities from the expense and burden of network management.

SmartSynch is a provider of smart grid solutions using cellular networks since the introduction of its first smart meter in 2000. SmartSynch’s smart grid solutions are fully certified to securely deliver smart grid data on Verizon’s wireless network, enabling quicker, easier, more scalable and strategic smart meter deployments for utilities.

“The communications network is the backbone of any smart metering or smart grid initiative, and until now, utilities preferring CDMA wireless communications have been largely on their own,” said Stephen Johnston, SmartSynch’s CEO. “Now that cellular network technology has become cost- competitive, it’s hard to envision a utility choosing a more complex, costly and slower proprietary alternative. Only cellular networks offer the bandwidth needed to support today’s smart grid functionality and future applications that will inevitably surface as smart grid technology rapidly evolves.”

SmartSynch is a company that creates smart grids for the utility industry. Since 2000, we have been the only provider of open standards, IP-to-the-endpoint smart grid solutions that use a cellular network as the communications backbone.

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