Stedin to manage smart meter rollout in the Netherlands with ClickSoftware

Burlington, Mass., February 29, 2012 – Stedin Measuring Co., has gone live with ClickSoftware Technologies’ workforce management and enterprise mobility solutions to aid the rollout of smart meters to two million homes in the Netherlands.

Stedin, which will be increasing its field activities tenfold for the project, will use the solutions to align its workforce to the successful delivery of the objectives set out by the regulator and to meet its own high customer service levels.

Stedin and its field engineers are responsible for the rollout of smart meters to residential customers; the project begins in 2012, quickly gathering momentum over the next few years.

ClickSoftware’s workforce management solution will effectively schedule a large part of Stedin’s rapidly growing workforce during a time of rapid growth and intense activity. Enterprise mobility will allow the company to deliver and collect crucial field data relating to the smart meter deployment so that better informed decisions can be made about the rollout and future maintenance of the infrastructure.

The government, and ultimately taxpayers, in the Netherlands are making a considerable investment in smart meters in order to meet European directives and climate change targets on energy use. With considerable political and economic focus on the project it is critical that the rollout of smart meters is managed in the most effective manner possible.

When creating the schedule for Stedin’s engineers, the solution optimally factors regulatory commitments, engineer availability, skills and location to help deploy the right individual to the right property at the right time. This, combined with enterprise mobility, will make it easier to get important customer service details right which is essential given the high profile of the project.

ClickSoftware is currently helping many utilities companies around the world that are seeking to monitor and reduce the consumption of energy with major smart meter rollouts.

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