Subnet releases SubStation Server 2 for smart grid utilities

Calgary, Alberta, April 14, 2010 — For electrical utilities focused on smart grid initiatives, Subnet has just completed a new release of its flagship product, SubStation Server 2.

This software application helps SCADA and substation engineers reliably and securely manage vast amounts of substation data.

Subnet Solutions recently completed a release of SubStation Server. SubStation Server 2 is a multi-function software application that performs data concentration, protocol translation, automation logic, event file collection and enterprise connectivity.

Both large and small utilities use Subnet’s SubStation Server to collect data from their substation devices. Thousands of substations worldwide rely on SubStation Server. Widespread adoption of the product is due in part to the software’s ability to work with multi-vendor hardware solutions enabling utilities to build best-of-breed substations.

New features of SubStation Server 2 include:

* Improved reliability with support for both channel and system redundancy

* Support for synchrophasors for improved stability and boundless event recording

* Compatible with the latest in industry standard protocols including IEC 61850

* Configurable alarm module logs alarm data and creates alerts

* Encrypted automated file transfer securely transports substation data files for use by third party computer applications

* Support for the SNMP protocol so network and IT assets within substations can be monitored

* Support for complex configuration of logic controls in CoDeSys via Programming Standard IEC 61131-3

SubStation Server is part of Subnet’s Unified Grid Intelligence system. Unified Grid Intelligence is an interoperability philosophy, which drives a holistic approach to real-time integration of intelligent utility systems.

Subnet Solutions Inc. is a global software solutions provider for electrical utilities. Subnet focuses on Making Substations More Intelligent. Founded in 1992, Subnet provides intelligent solutions that securely connect real time electrical utility field information with utility business systems to enable smart grid solutions. Over 200 utilities worldwide rely on Subnet software to safely manage and monitor thousands of substations.


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