Telvent launches Meter Data Management system for smart metering

February 25, 2010 — IT solutions and business information services provider Telvent launched a new Meter Data Management system.

As utilities seek to maximize their investment and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), Telvent Conductor MDM allows the processing and assimilation of mass amounts of data from multiple AMI networks, turning this data into business information that can be made available to the entire company.

Telvent Conductor MDM meets both high-level business requirements and operative needs. Electric companies will now be able to have at their disposal a unique system that integrates the entire scope of the AMI metering information and automates business processes in real time.

Developed on a flexible architecture, the solution is scalable so that utilities can interconnect multiple AMI networks and jointly manage millions of data items to reduce complexity and operative costs.

It allows for the adequate and reliable coordination of the client’s information systems and greater agility and precision in the invoicing meter-to-cash process, cash flow and customer service.

Using the business intelligence generated by Telvent Conductor MDM, business managers also will be able to develop new designs, including customized fees, Time of Use and other time-dependent structures.

This opens the door to new business models for the utility, facilitating pre-payment, active demand response and possible price bidding.

The system is based on the PI platform from OSIsoft, which powers the acquisition, storage and recovery of data in real time on a large scale.

Through this centralized flow of information, Telvent Conductor MDM reduces complexity and operative costs while offering unequaled data management performance, scalability and reliability.

Conductor MDM uses highly secure technologies, including advanced federated security architecture, claims-based user roles, and multiple levels of encryption and authentication to best secure the data and access it.

As the first MDM available at the commercial level with base ESRI integration, the Telvent Conductor MDM system integrates with the power of the ArcFM Server GIS solution to display and understand the installation information, providing operative support to requirements such as detecting power interruptions and verifying recovery, as well as displaying the AMI systems.

Conductor MDM also can be integrated with Telvent Distribution Management System (DMS) to provide better load forecasting, by providing better, more accurate load curves, by providing real-time information about outage situations, and by providing a direct feedback loop for demand-response and load shaving operations.

Telvent is a global IT solutions and business information services provider that improves the efficiency and reliability of the world’s premier organizations. The company serves markets critical to the sustainability of the planet, including the energy, transportation, agriculture and environmental sectors.


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