Texas cities to deploy more than 46,000 smart water meters with Ameresco

Water meter. Image by delo from Pixabay

Cleantech integrator Ameresco has announced new deals with two municipal utilities based in Texas for the provision of smart water meters.

By Nicholas Nhede

The City of Mesquite has tasked the cleantech integrator with the supply and installation of 42,000 smart water meters, as part of efforts to eliminate manual meter reading and ensure accurate billing for residential and commercial customers.

Some 41,000 meter boxes will also be replaced as part of the project.

Cliff Keheley, City Manager in Mesquite, said the project will help improve customer services, revenue collection and will “provide our water utility customers with a greater level of transparency into their water consumption levels and reduce our operational costs.”

The project is expected to be completed in the next two years and the installation of solid-state water meters and an advanced metering infrastructure help the city to achieve its sustainability goals.

An online platform that will be deployed will enable consumers to access their water usage in real-time and budget accordingly.

Meanwhile, in the City of El Campo, Ameresco completed the installation of some 4,805 smart water meters in a bid to support the city’s upgrade and to replace existing water and sewer metering infrastructure.

The project followed an audit carried out by the city which identified the need to replace water meters with smart units to improve revenue collection and reduce operational costs for the city.

The meters that have been replaced were 20 years old and no longer providing accurate water usage readings, according to a statement.

“This automated meter reading system eliminates the need for estimated meter reading, decreases meter accessibility issues and subsequently reduces billing errors,” highlights Ameresco in a press statement.

Up to $92,052 in cost savings is expected to be recorded in the first year alone, in addition to reducing non-revenue water in years to come.

Moreover, infrastructure modernisation is expected to reduce the risk of meter failure and lead to fewer service calls from customers in need of assistance.

The project is part of efforts by El Campo to adopt smart technologies to enhance its operations.

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