Trilliant and Gemserv partner on cybersecurity and data protection

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By Nicholas Nhede

Gemserv Ltd and Trilliant have partnered to provide enhanced security assurance for Trilliant Head-End Software deployments.

With products and service platforms now becoming fully connected, Gemserv has stepped in as a leader in the preparation of security assurance processes and procedures to ensure the robustness of all connection points, be they device components, additional enterprise interfaces or third-party systems.

Alex Goody, the CEO of Gemserv, said: “We are delighted to be working with Trilliant to ensure that customers, wherever they are, can reap the benefits of smart grid technology in a secure and integrated way.

“From enabling net zero to become a reality, to improving patient care in their own homes and improving the customer experience for all, Gemserv and Trilliant are delivering a smart future”.

As customer connected smart devices become increasingly available, the expectation is for interoperability between systems and devices that provide, for example, better control of energy usage, remote healthcare provision and property monitoring.

Ensuring the compatibility of such systems with proven security credentials is becoming a key business driver, although implementation can be complex.

This partnership combines Gemserv’s expertise in IoT, smart metering and cyber security with Trilliant’s globally proven communications solution.

Together, the organisations will provide a turnkey solution that reduces the pain points of IoT system implementation and is backed by the extensive experience of two of the leading industry experts in the fields of IoT, smart grid, and smart metering.

Andy White, Chairman and CEO for Trilliant, adds: “The Trilliant Head-End Software is designed to seamlessly connect power grids, distribution networks, smart meters, smart city, and smart home connected devices, often expanding from the initial platform provider to new service providers.

“We put security and data privacy at the heart of our solution and have developed an ethos throughout our business of putting security first. Trilliant welcomes the partnership with Gemserv to provide enhanced security assurance to our customers.”

The agreed partnership between Trilliant and Gemserv covers strategy, planning, system implementation, security assurance for design, build and testing phases, as well as continued implementation throughout the long-term deployment and horizontal expansion into new business sectors.

This article was originally posted on Smart Energy International and was republished with permission.
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