TWACS by DCSI and BLP launch new product

St. Louis, MO, August 29, 2002 — Distribution Control Systems, Inc. (TWACS by DCSI) and BLP Components Ltd. have launched their respective IMT-3H SCD transponder and service connect/disconnect (SCD) inter-base collar products.

The IMT-3H SCD is a remote power line transponder, which is connected to the SCD collar to provide a whole-house service disconnect. The IMT-3H SCD is based on DCSI’s widely deployed IMT-3 meter module family and fits a number of new and existing electromechanical meters including those made by GE and Siemens.

The SCD consists of an inter-base collar, a 200 Amp BLP PowerPulse(tm) switch, and the BLP electronic controller with a built-in arming function. The collar has four jaws to accept the blades from the meter on the top side, and four blades to insert into a standard meter socket on the bottom side.

The connect/disconnect function is controlled remotely via power line communications between the utility control center and the meter site, precluding the need for a service call by utility personnel.

Commands are sent between the utility and the meter via the TWACS two-way power line communication system, and can confirm service connect or disconnect within 20 seconds of command initiation.

The BLP PowerPulse switch utilizes a unique latching design allowing it to withstand all of the relevant standard requirements. Combined with its isolated driver board it allows for safe reliable control over the TWACS system.

Remote connect/disconnect service can improve a utility’s bottom line by alleviating operations costs and providing the utility with a powerful revenue collection tool for problem accounts.

It also enables the utility to enhance their customer service capabilities by providing connect/disconnect services to rental and seasonally occupied premises. Additionally, it improves utility employee efficiency by allowing connects and disconnects to be performed from the safety and convenience of the central office

DCSI, a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc., is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and has manufactured and marketed the highly successful and field-proven TWACS two-way power line communication technology for over 20 years.

TWACS provides capabilities suited for AMR, Load Control, Interval Data, TOU/Real-Time Pricing, Line-Voltage Monitoring, Outage/Restoration Monitoring, Remote Connect/Disconnect, and Tamper/Theft Detection using open architecture interfaces.

TWACS uses the existing power lines for data transmission, and uses the utility’s network at the frequency for which it was designed. For more information visit

BLP Components, Ltd., part of the Roxboro group of companies, specializes in the design and manufacture of switching solutions for residential Gas & Electricity service applications. The devices are used in a range of residential metering and control applications in the utility industry including, AMR, Prepayment Metering, Remote Connect & Disconnect, Tariff Switching, Load Control and Gas Metering. BLP is located in Newmarket, Suffolk, UK, with North American Sales located in Farmingdale, New Jersey. For more information visit

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