Water submetering company adds energy metering to wireless infrastructure

San Diego, CA, June 13, 2003 — Wellspring International Inc., a provider of wireless, point-of-use water submeters for all building types, has unveiled its newest product – the Aqura energy meter.

The Aqura energy meter is the industry’s most accurate method of measuring energy consumption in centrally heated and cooled apartment units. By shifting this metered utility expense to residents, owners will save an average of $40-$80 per apartment, per month. Residents benefit by receiving a bill based on actual (not estimated) energy consumption, encouraging conservation and lowering utility expenses by an average of 20%.

Utilizing the same patented, radio infrastructure as the other line of Aqura water, gas and electric submeters, the Aqura energy meter wirelessly reads and transmits heating and cooling energy data from individual apartments within multifamily properties. These readings are collected and relayed to Wellspring’s data and billing center several times per day. Up-to-the-minute energy consumption data is then made available on the Internet to both landlord and resident, resulting in fair and accurate billing based on usage – not apartment size.

Because the same Wellspring infrastructure can meter water, gas and electric consumption, Wellspring’s net installed price is considerably lower – and ROI considerably higher – than that of any competitor.

“Linking water, gas, electric – and now energy monitoring – to the same wireless network will save our customers millions of dollars per year,” said Wade Smith, CEO of Wellspring International. “We’re introducing entirely new functionality to a pre-installed network.”

Wellspring’s patented energy metering system follows ASHRAE-approved standards for energy measurement and allocation.

About Wellspring International

Wellspring International is a water and energy sub-utility offering metering systems as well as reading, billing and collecting services for all building types. Wellspring is based in San Diego, California and Princeton, New Jersey. For more information, call 858-824-0900 or visit www.wellspringwireless.com.


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