Xtensible Solutions, Oracle to develop utility smart grid solution

Xtensible Solutions, a provider of enterprise integration and information management services for utilities worldwide and unit of Doble Engineering Co., will work with Oracle to develop an industry data warehouse and analytics solution to address the increasing demands of utility real-time analytics.

Utilities around the globe have been investing in real-time operational technologies to position themselves for the challenges of service enhancement, reliability and operational efficiency.

While some utilities are focused on smart metering infrastructure, others are looking beyond metering and their basic capabilities to gain strategic value from grid and other customer technologies that stream data from a variety of devices.

Indeed, smart grid and connected infrastructure challenges have spurred a worldwide demand for understanding how advanced analytics and Big Data technologies can help solve utility business problems in the areas of:

·      Meter data analytics/usage and consumption analytics

·      Customer management analytics

·      Strategic asset management analytics

·      Operational decision support analytics

·      Smart grid integrated networks management analytics

·      Enterprise performance management analytics

It is with this market demand in view that Xtensible and Oracle are working together to develop an advanced analytics and Big Data solution using Oracle technology and infrastructure. Similar to what Oracle has accomplished in other industries with their industry data model offering, this joint effort is targeting development of an Oracle Utility Data Model (OUDM) solution that includes a logical data model, prebuilt physical data models, intra-model ETLs, connectors, reports, star schemas, OLAP cubes and data mining models for selected utility core businesses.

The solution will be developed using Xtensible Solutions’ MD3i Framework and will be built on core Oracle technologies within Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle data warehouse portfolios.

The OUDM solution will be based on the utility industry model standard, the IEC common information model (CIM), and will draw on information definitions from other relevant standards approved by the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP).

Such a solution can greatly reduce the time of implementation and the total cost of ownership as utilities continue to get strategic value from their information assets.

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