Yazoo Valley Electric selects Cellnet+Hunt TS2 for AMI system deployment

Atlanta, GA, Jan. 9, 2008 — Yazoo Valley Electric Power Association (Yazoo Valley Electric), an electric cooperative utility located in central Mississippi, has begun deploying the TS2 advanced metering solution from Cellnet+Hunt. Yazoo Valley Electric will fully deploy the TS2 system to over 10,000 meters.

Yazoo Valley Electric provides power for over 9,300 residential and over 900 commercial customers from its headquarters in Yazoo City, MS. Yazoo Valley Electric has a distribution system comprised of over 2,700 miles of line that cover portions of six counties.

A power line carrier (PLC)-based communication technology, TS2 is a full two-way advanced metering system that offers demand response capabilities, such as load control and time-based pricing, as well as distribution system monitoring and load profile capabilities.

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