ZigBee Alliance to collaborate on metering data compatibility

San Ramon, Calif., November 23, 2009 – The ZigBee Alliance agreed with the Device Language Message Specification User Association to collaborate on metering data compatibility.

The two groups will define a method to transport IEC standard DLMS/COSEM messages sending metering data through ZigBee Smart Energy networks.

The result will expand ZigBee Smart Energy to support complex metering applications, and will provide utilities and energy service providers with a standard for a variety of smart grid energy management and efficiency programs and services.

“This is an opportunity to enhance the profiles of both ZigBee and DLMS in the eyes of our potential customers,” said Gyozo Kmethy, head of the DLMS Users Association. “DLMS already has other transport options available so the addition of ZigBee Smart Energy adds another compelling option.”

The agreement with the DLMS UA adds to a growing list of strategic relationships forged by the ZigBee Alliance with energy and international standards groups to expand global functionality for ZigBee Smart Energy.

“Our agreement with the DLMS UA is another important move to expand ZigBee Smart Energy’s position in the global energy markets,” said Bob Heile, chairman of the ZigBee Alliance. “Utilities in Europe, North America, Australia and other regions are looking at ZigBee Smart Energy to deliver home area network connectivity to their smart grid programs.”


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