ZigBee certifies its 100th smart energy product

San Ramon, Calif, February 1, 2011 — The ZigBee Alliance announced that ZigBee Smart Energy has reached the 100th ZigBee certified product milestone.

Products manufactured by 49 different companies are available in every product category needed to implement a ZigBee Smart Energy home area network (HAN), from energy service portals to meters, displays, programmable communicating thermostats and smart plugs.

These products make it easy for utilities and governments to deploy smart home solutions that are secure, easy to install, consumer friendly and incorporate as part of their overall smart grid architecture.

Since all ZigBee Smart Energy products are ZigBee certified to perform regardless of manufacturer, utilities and consumers can buy with confidence from a variety of sources.

The Association of Home Appliance Makers, whose members ship $30 billion in household appliances annually in the United States, named ZigBee one of three most suitable communication protocols for the development and implementation of the U.S. smart grid.

“Continued ZigBee certified product growth reflects market confidence that ZigBee Smart Energy is the right standard for utilities looking to help consumers be smarter about their energy use,” said Bob Heile, chairman of the ZigBee Alliance. “Growing market adoption of ZigBee Smart Energy is evidence that findings in reports by influential industry leaders, like AHAM and GE, meet market reality.”

The Alliance’s ZigBee Certified program covers all ZigBee standards. Today, 149 products are certified to comply with one or more Alliance developed interoperable product standards — ZigBee Smart Energy, ZigBee Home Automation, ZigBee Remote Control and ZigBee Telecom Services.


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