Zunyi Power selects Telvent for smart grid communications

Helsinki, August 24, 2011 — Zunyi Electrical Power Supply Co. of Guizhou, China selected Telvent to collect and analyze real-time data on grid operations for about 800,000 customers.

Telvent‘s smart grid technology will allow Zunyi Power, a utility managed by Guizhou Power, to gather and analyze data via a user-friendly interface that operates in conjunction with current Telvent technology recently implemented in all of Guizhou’s provincial cities.

With this integrated tool, Zunyi Power will have the ability to collect reliable data from the field and analyze the information to support the planning, operation and analysis of the current distribution system, thereby increasing reliability and grid efficiency.

This technology will also help curb energy loss by moving power already on the grid, rather than generating additional energy. The ability to make faster operational decisions will provide maximum power reliability to customers.


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