New patent issued to WorldWater Corp. for automatic solar switching technology

PENNINGTON, N.J., June 17, 2003 — WorldWater Corp. announced it has been issued a patent for proprietary technology that enables solar systems to perform multiple functions and to switch automatically between solar and grid-tied power.

The U.S. Patent Office will formally issue patent number 6,583,522 on June 24 to WorldWater Corporation for a proprietary array switching technology that makes it possible for a solar electric system to provide multiple functions such as water pumping and battery charging. It also enables a grid-tied solar system to be switched automatically to power pumps, compressors and chillers directly from solar if the grid goes down. The technology already is in use in systems the company has installed in California.

WorldWater Corporation already holds one patent on this technology and has three more pending or in process.

WorldWater Corporation is a full-service solar energy and water management company with unique high-powered solar technology providing solutions to water supply and energy problems. The company recently developed proprietary AquaMax solar water pumping systems capable of operating pumps up to 600 hp, making it the first solar company in the world with the power to deliver mainstream electric pumping capacity.


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