Design Application for Field Use

Bentley Systems announces OpenRoads Navigator CONNECT Edition, an innovative application that provides civil and transportation professionals an easy-to-use, dynamic product for quick access to civil design information in the field. OpenRoads Navigator supports Windows, iOS, and Android. Key capabilities include: view, analyze, and augment a wide variety of project information, including geometry, 3D models, and 2D topography; search and filter models based on attributes such as feature definition or geometric criteria; locate model elements, station, offsets, and embedded properties to perform tasks quickly in the field; walk through projects using GPS to view your location in real-world coordinates; combine design artifacts with pay item tracking for field inspection; and, create mark-ups including screenshots, pictures, mark-up text, and comments.

Bentley Systems

Cloud-based Outcomes as a Service

Itron is consolidating its software solutions around the globe into a single platform built on Microsoft Azure, the largest enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure available today. Azure will be the backbone for Itron Total Outcomes, which provides business outcomes that address utility and smart city challenges in an Outcomes as a Service model to lower costs and improve performance. Itron plans to enable a new range of services around its products, including solar integration, leak detection and analytics. Utilities and cities will benefit from different types of data coming together into one place, generating new intelligence and insights. For example, solar-related services will bring together accurate, real-time data related to consumption, usage patterns, panel temperature and power generated and combine it with weather and geolocation data to drive further insights into energy efficiency and asset health.

Itron Inc.

Demand Charge Management System

Sunverge Energy, a provider of intelligent energy storage systems for residences and small businesses, today announced the addition of money-saving demand charge management features to its energy management platform. Using sophisticated predictive analytics, the new algorithm determines the ideal mix of PV, storage and grid power to keep a customer from incurring demand charges-saving customers money while reducing peak load on the grid. Proposals for residential demand charges are on the rise, as utilities and regulators consider alternative mechanisms to allocate grid costs to residential distributed energy resource (DER) customers. As these charges proliferate, consumers face the complex problem of managing their power resources to minimize the impact of those charges.

Sunverge Energy

Plug-and-Play Intelligent Fault Circuit Indicator

Sentient Energy Inc. and Landis+Gyr announced a new automated provisioning capability for Landis+Gyr’s S610 Line Sensor. As a result, this intelligent fault circuit indicator, developed by Sentient Energy, can now be deployed as a plug-and-play network component in Landis+Gyr’s GridstreamĀ® Distribution Intelligence solution. A key feature of Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream solution is the ability to bring distributed intelligence to any device on the network to further automate decision making and utility workflows. The S610 Line Sensor’s unique, plug-and-play capability is enabled by a built-in GPS functions and a precision clock that provides both location and micro-second accurate time information. Sentient Energy and Landis+Gyr have already shipped or deployed more than 2,000 line sensors with this capability, and expect shipments to increase rapidly in 2017.

Sentient Energy Inc.

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