RWE Schott Solar and Prevalent Power contract to advance energy conservation program in Marin County, Calif.

Rocklin, CA, August 13, 2003 — RWE SCHOTT Solar, Inc. (RSS), a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality solar modules and systems, announced today it has contracted with Prevalent Power, Inc., a Novato California-based clean energy developer and systems integrator, to provide a flat-roof solar electric power system for the County of Marin in Northern California.

The companies jointly developed the project for the county in support of its commitment to reduce its power consumption and air pollution emissions.

The contract reflects the combination of talents and services that RSS and Prevalent Power will bring to the County of Marin. RSS is providing products and support, including the SunRoofà¢â€ž- FS flat-roof system as well as engineering, supply and logistical services.

Meanwhile, Prevalent Power is performing the project design, installation and management.

By working with specialty and general contractors, RSS is able to increase the availability of solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) systems to a much wider audience while maintaining its focus and control over its industry leading product quality and design. This type of relationship also gives contractors more opportunities to design and bid on projects by highlighting the efficiency of RSS products while leveraging the company’s design and engineering expertise.

“Marin County is dedicated to reducing emissions, power usage and energy costs through a series of energy conservation activities, followed by programs to build and maintain sustainable power sources,” said Rick Carlsen, assistant director of Public Works for the County of Marin.

“First, we completed an analysis of our usage and began implementing changes to reduce our energy consumption. We then began looking at creating our own power. Upon completing a competitive selection process, we brought in RSS and Prevalent Power to help us with our program. Using photovoltaics, they showed how we could reduce one of our building’s electricity bills to nearly zero while also taking advantage of the financial incentives and low-cost loans available for these types of systems. We expect the system to save slightly more than the loan payments, putting the system in the black almost from the beginning.”

“With our headquarters in Marin County, it is especially gratifying to contribute to the county’s energy efficiency and generation programs,” said Arno Harris, president of Prevalent Power. “This PV installation does a great job of demonstrating the county’s commitment to its goals. Their choice also reflects well on the SunRoof FS system, which we believe is vastly superior to other non-penetrating flat-roof PV technologies. We’re very excited to offer the SunRoof FS system to our clients and we’re even more excited to work with the talented team at RSS.”

Tom Starrs, executive vice president for Sales and Marketing at RWE Schott Solar added, “We especially applaud how Marin County has planned out its energy savings programs and is taking advantage of the financial incentives available to organizations that implement sustainable energy solutions. They have set up their financing so that their monthly savings will be higher than their monthly loan payment on the system. This is a great program for the county, for its residents and for the environment.”

About the Project

Marin County is working to reduce its power requirements through a series of energy savings program that range from improving heating and air conditioning systems to increasing conservation efforts.

This PV project represents a milestone for the county as it works toward reaching its environmental and sustainable development goals.

For its contribution to the county’s program, RSS completed an electrical usage evaluation and determined that an 89kW SunRoof FS system, capable of powering 30-60 average homes, would bring the General Services Garage’s electricity bill to nearly zero. The system installs directly on the garage’s flat roof without any penetration.

The modules are linked for maximum strength and stability, while also simplifying installation, inspection and maintenance. The system is expected to pay for itself in about 13 years.


RWE SCHOTT Solar Inc. is a North America manufacturer and distributor of solar power components and systems, serving customers throughout the Americas from sales offices in California, Colorado, Massachusetts and the State of Washington.

The company’s U.S. headquarters and manufacturing facility in Billerica, Massachusetts, produces the largest solar power module available worldwide, the ASE 300TM. A pioneer in the design and development of complete solar power solutions, RWE SCHOTT Solar Inc. serves a highly diverse market including grid-connected residential and commercial systems, and grid-independent agricultural, industrial, and governmental applications.

RWE SCHOTT Solar Inc. is a joint venture of the RWE Group, a global international multi-utility concern with core businesses in electricity, gas, water, waste management and recycling; and the SCHOTT Group, a leading international specialty glass manufacturer. The RWE and SCHOTT companies had combined sales of over $100 billion in 2002, and employ nearly 200,000 people worldwide.

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