Shell Solar panels installed at hospital’s solar electric system

CAMARILLO, Calif., March 11, 2003 — Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital (SVMH) in Monterey County, Calif., is leading the way to improving air quality and saving energy by announcing the completion of what they claim is the largest solar installation at a hospital.

Shell Solar, based in Camarillo, Calif. manufactured the solar power system, which uses 1,000 high-performance solar panels to power the system. The solar power system supplies about two-thirds of the daytime power needs of the building.

Bizquests, Inc. of Aptos, Calif. and Princeton Energy Systems of Philadelphia developed the hospital’s 150-kilowatt photovoltaic power system, while Solar Works, Inc. of Montpelier, VT installed the equipment for the project.

“The earth receives as much energy from sunlight in 20 days as is believed to be stored in the Earth’s entire reserves of coal, oil and natural gas. Shell Solar is a leader in creating a sustainable energy future for generations to come, and is committed to the safe and efficient deployment of global energy resources,” said Vickie Powell, CEO Bizquests, Inc.

It was very important to the hospital administration that the new “SolarPort” structure not only be space saving, but also inconspicuous — the end result is a structure that looks similar to covered parking. The new design generates clean energy, while providing shade for approximately 80 parking spaces.

“Bizquests, Inc. was key in managing the coordination of this ground- breaking project. I never had to worry about the details and the project was completed on time and under budget,” said Michele Malone-Keith, SVMH’s director of engineering services.

In addition to being a good environmental citizen, SVMH will reap savings benefits since many states, including California, provide incentives to businesses connected to the power grid that installs energy savings systems. SVMH qualified for PG&E’s Self-Generation Program and has received a $595,000 cash rebate from the utility for the SolarPort.

Not only does the hospital reduce its load on the power grid, it is reducing the consumption of fossil fuels by 13,700 barrels of oil; or 4,500 tons of coal; or one billion cubic feet of natural gas. By taking a portion of its electrical power from the sun, instead of a power plant, SVMH is preventing the following pollutants from entering the atmosphere: 36 tons of nitrous oxide (smog), 57 tons of sulfur oxides (acid rain), 8,597 tons of carbon dioxide (global warming).

Chet Farris, vice president of Shell Solar LP said, “We congratulate the hospital for demonstrating leadership and forward thinking for their industry by committing to clean, reliable and affordable solar power.”

About Shell Solar

Shell Solar is a manufacturer of photovoltaics. The company has extensive experience on the design and installation of solar power systems. Shell Solar is part of Shell Renewables, the business established by the Royal Dutch/ Shell Group of Companies to develop commercial opportunities in renewable energy. Shell Solar has cutting edge research, development and production facilities throughout the world. Shell Solar employs about 1,100 people and has partners for its products in over 90 countries.

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