Bulwark® FR

With Bulwark FR, you are more than just protected. You are armed – literally and figuratively – with the world’s best FR.

More people arm themselves with Bulwark than any other FR brand. Bulwark is the only FR brand that brings over 45 years of front line experience, understanding, and insight to the table. Bulwark outfits you with the finest, most advanced, and intuitively designed FR apparel ever made. And supports you with the industry’s premier FR education programs and consultative services. So when you see the Bulwark triangle on your left arm, you know you’ve done everything right.

  • Industry’s Largest Inventory. As the world’s largest manufacturer of flame- resistant apparel, Bulwark offers the industry’s widest, deepest selection of fabrics, styles and colors.
  • Total Traceability. Bulwark is the only brand of flame resistant apparel that tracks every stitch of every garment across 60 manufacturing touch points.
  • Leading FR Educator. Only Bulwark brings 44 years of frontline FR experience and insight to any given table or training session.
  • Delivery Without Delay. At Bulwark we fill 99% of stock product orders within 48 hours. Because if one member of your crew isn’t in gear on time, the rest of the crew stands naked.
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