At Micatu, we build innovative optical sensing solutions that allow utilities to take control back from the chaos of the grid by measuring it more safely and accurately with light. As the first to commercialize an optical sensing platform, Micactu proudly offers one of the safest grid sensing solutions on the market today.

Our optical sensors are safer because they are non-conductive and do not pass electrons. They are more accurate because light is a simply a better way to measure power. Our flagship Gridview platform measures voltage, current, vibration, harmonics and temperature on the grid within +/- 0.5% accuracy. With this unprecedented accuracy, engineers can get the data they need in all the areas they need it whether overhead, underground, in a substation or solar farm from 4kV all the way to 69kV. Rather than the dangerous work of passing electrons with the installation of conventional instrument transformers such as PTs and CTs, crews can hang Micatu sensors faster, more safely, without creating wildfire risks.

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Visit: www.micatu.com
Phone: 888-705-8836
Email: marketing@micatu.com

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