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Detroit Edison has purchased Intergraph Corp.'s InService suite of outage management, emergency dispatch, and mobile data solutions to automate trouble analysis and increase service reliability.

BC Hydro smoothes unit integration with new EDMS

Electronic document management software (EDMS) specifically designed for engineering CAD/CAM drawings has come into its own over the last five years.

Transmission management slowly evolves; incentives remain lacking

Reliability-a topic of discussion in industry media, conferences and increasingly, even in the general public media. Generation, transmission and distribution are variously targeted as culprits or saviors, depending on the context of the debate-a debate not likely to be completed any time soon.

Online calculator prevents grid overload, enhances reliability

The 17 security coordinators in the Eastern Interconnection, which covers the eastern southern and midwest areas of the United States, received an early Christmas present last fall: delivery of a new online service that promises to make their lives easier, while enhancing wide area reliability in their half of the nation. Called the Interchange Distribution Calculator (IDC), this new data processing and communication service came online in October. While it has not yet seen action during peak lo

E-business evolves from cool to strategic tool

E-business has emerged as a vital strategic tool for electric utilities and energy services companies. Utilities are lagging behind many other industries (See Figure 1), but they are quickly seizing upon the opportunities that e-commerce, online customer service and intranet operations management can offer.

Partnership provides spatial management for T&D:

Smallworld Systems Inc., BC Hydro and Westech Information Systems Inc. plan to collaborate on a new application, PowerGrid, designed to facilitate the operation and management of transmission line facilities, hydroelectric reservoirs, downstream areas, rights-of-way and related lands. PowerGrid will combine BC Hydro`s enterprise GIS with its distribution GIS to create a complete electric and land model from generation through to the customer. A production release of PowerGrid is planned for earl

DSTATCOM Solves Voltage Flicker Problems

Two major North American utilities have teamed with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Westinghouse to develop a distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) that tames severe voltage flicker problems and could save up to $1.2 million over traditional solutions.

Nations First Purpose-built ISO Prepares to Go Online

This year marks the launch of the nation`s first purpose-built Independent System Operator (ISO). This landmark power reliability operation, the first of its kind in the U.S., ensures equal transmission access to all power generators while maintaining the system`s reliability.